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Video Tutorials
These 5-10 minute tutorials will guide you through key features in setting up and using MSP.
Getting Started 11 videos
A bird's eye overview covering the basics of getting started with MSP.
Learn how to create weekly, monthly, and yearly services.
Learn how to define your ministries and configure their settings.
Discusses how to manually add volunteers and set up their profiles.
Covers the two methods you can use to label positions in a ministry.
Covers importing volunteers from an Excel spreadsheet, .csv or .txt file.
Learn how to use titles to categorize volunteers (by gender, level, etc.).
Learn how to synchronize MSP with your church management software.
Discusses how to post a schedule on the web, and how to export for printing.
Ensure a smooth transition and learn the basics of MSP
Krista Kutz discusses how she implemented MSP at Old St. Pat's.
Web Terminal 5 videos
An overview of the most important aspects of the Web Terminal.
Designed for volunteers to learn how to use the Web Terminal. Printable guide available as well!
Explains the My Profile tab of the Web Terminal in more detail.
Covers using the Admin tab privileges as a Ministry Leader.
Learn how to set up and use the Sign-in Kiosk to track attendance.
Specific Features 7 videos
Learn how to plan services/liturgies and add resources, notes, and more.
Covers setting up repeating and/or rotational assignments for volunteers.
Discusses creating rosters of volunteer info to print or post online.
Learn how to track extra volunteer information by creating custom fields.
Emailer5 min
See how the Emailer can help you better communicate with, and engage, your volunteer base.
Reports5 min
Learn how to leverage your schedule data with MSP's reporting tools.
Learn how to setup and customize an online form to capture new volunteers.
Join our next webinar
These online training sessions will take you step-by-step through different aspects of the program and include a live Q&A.
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Recorded Webinars
We record all our webinars, so if you can’t make it live or want to watch it again, you can find past presentations here!
In this 30-minute presentation, you will learn all you need to know about getting started with MSP. We will teach you how to set up your volunteers, ministries, service times, and, eventually, how to start your first schedule. This webinar is perfect place to start for anyone new to MSP!
Are you considering using MSP and interested in learning more? Join us for a 30-minute presentation about how streamlined scheduling can save time and grow ministry participation. We’ll demo MSP and you can ask questions and get answers in real time.
Need an easy and accurate system to make sure you know who showed up to serve? Join us as we debut MSP's newest feature: the Sign-in Kiosk. We'll walk you through everything from setting up and managing the kiosk from a schedulers' perspective, to checking in as a volunteer, and generating reports and emails based on attendance.
A new season can mean new volunteers, new service times and changes to ministries. Join us for tips on how to accommodate all three, as well as how you can get Ministry Leaders involved to help. During the 30-minute live presentation you’ll learn how to make changes to your MSP database with confidence.
Whether you have 100 volunteers or 1,000, managing them can be tricky. Join us for tips on saving time, getting organized and connecting with volunteers. This 30-minute presentation will show you how to easily accommodate individual preferences, track custom information, and leverage filters to target groups of volunteers.
Need an easy and accurate system to make sure you know who showed up to serve? Join us as we debut MSP's newest feature: the Sign-in Kiosk. We'll walk you through everything from setting up and managing the kiosk from a schedulers' perspective, to checking in as a volunteer, and generating reports and emails based on attendance.
Reduce stress this holiday season by getting those Christmas schedules ready months in advance! This 30-minute presentation will cover all the pieces you need to have in place to avoid stress and stay organized during the busiest time of year.
Join us as we walk through a scheduling cycle from start to finish. Topics include creating a schedule, filling it, and then sharing it with your volunteers. Whether you're creating your first schedule or need a refresher, this is the scheduling webinar for you!
Watch this recording to learn best practices for working with multiple admins and ministry leaders - including how to accommodate schedulers with differing access privileges, scheduling methods and schedule start / end dates. If more than one person manages MSP at your church, don't miss this webinar. And download the Multiple Schedulers Guide for help in assigning scheduling privileges.
Have questions about changing service times, bringing on new volunteers and dealing with vacation dates? Watch this recording to learn best practices for updating schedules from one season to the next.
Join us for tips and tricks on scheduling Easter. You'll learn best practices for creating and scheduling special services, collecting preferences, reserving special slots, and exporting holiday schedules!
Families are an integral part of any church community, but when it comes to ministry, scheduling volunteers with their loved ones can be challenging. Join us for an overview of MSP's "family-specific" features and learn how you can customize settings to fit your church's needs. You'll gain practical tips on scheduling siblings, babysitters and couples, as well as tricks for helping to manage families online through the Web Terminal.
Join us to discover new ways to personally connect with your volunteers online. During the webinar, we'll cover how you can personalize the Web Terminal, including updating the look and feel of the tabs, customizing which schedules / rosters volunteers can see, and leaving private notes for ministries.
Learn about how the Web Terminal helps churches grow ministry participation and reduce micromanagement!
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User Manual
This comprehensive guide covers all aspects of MSP. Search online and/or download and print it out so you have all the answers you need at your fingertips.
View MSP User Manual
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