Grow Participation
Automatic reminders
MSP automatically sends out reminders via email, text, or push notifications when volunteers are scheduled to serve. Reminders make volunteers feel appreciated and help them remember when they’re serving, both of which cut down on no-shows.
Streamline sub requests 1 min
MSP empowers volunteers to find their own subs online without the hassle of email chains or phone calls. By giving volunteers the tools to quickly manage their own schedules online, it’s easier to get more people actively involved in ministry.
Accommodate preferences
Are church members busy and afraid to commit to serving in ministry? Make it easy for them to sign up to serve by assuring them they’ll only be scheduled at the times and frequency they choose.
Keep families together1 min
Recruit and retain more families in ministry by ensuring family members get scheduled at the same service. MSP avoids scheduling family members at different services on the same weekend, which reduces no-shows and makes it easier for families to serve.
Keep people apart
Have people that want to serve but can't serve together? Whether it's a couple with an infant, unruly siblings, or a divorced couple, MSP's Babysitter feature makes sure they still get a chance to serve.
Stay relevant1 min
Meet volunteers where they are. MSP has a free mobile app and automatically updates schedules on your website with changes in real time. See how volunteer engagement increases when volunteers can view the schedule, check openings, and sign up from the palm of their hands.
Identify Engaged Volunteers
Track which specific volunteers have opened your emails or texts, and when. This is a great opportunity to identify your most engaged volunteers, see which topics they are interested in, and target future requests to those who will be the most interested.