Save Time and Frustration
Coordinate multiple ministries
Stop fussing with spreadsheets trying to coordinate volunteers that serve in multiple ministries. Regardless of whether you have one scheduler or multiple, MSP coordinates each ministry’s schedule — and alerts you of conflicts — to ensure no one gets double scheduled and all volunteers have a fair rotation.
Last-minute schedule changes
Need an extra volunteer or to share special instructions for the upcoming service? Plans change, and when they do, MSP allows schedulers or Leaders to make last-minute changes, saving time and avoiding confusion.
Delegate to leaders
Delegating saves time, which is why MSP gives you the flexibility to appoint Leaders. Leaders can edit the schedule, update volunteer profiles, send emails and texts, and request subs for volunteers.
Repeating assignments
Do some volunteers serve at the same positions on a weekly or repeating basis? MSP allows you to save time by setting up volunteers — and teams — on repeating assignments. Just set it and forget it.
Assign roles
Do some people within a ministry do special tasks? Whether it’s ushers who can’t climb stairs or designating a specific reading, with MSP you can keep volunteers happy — and schedulers sane — by refining which people do which tasks within a ministry.
Keep ministry schedules separate
Is too much information overwhelming you and your volunteers? MSP allows you to create and publish schedules by ministry, service time, or date. You can even keep schedules private to people within a particular ministry.
Holy Days & special services
Special services present unique scheduling challenges. Easily overcome them by customizing volunteer requirements, letting volunteers request special services as a preference, or having volunteers sign up for special services.
Schedule based on skills
Do you need to ensure a special ratio of experienced and inexperienced volunteers or group males and females? MSP can save you time by automating complex scheduling requirements.