MSP Scheduling Tips

  1. Using Titles to schedule different types of ministers
  2. Use the Web Terminal to find volunteers for special events
  3. Using "Schedule this ministry autonomously" to even out distribution
  4. Using filters to group volunteers matching certain criteria
  5. Use Ctrl and Shift keys to select multiple volunteers at once
  6. Link to the Web Terminal directly from your church's web site
  7. Using MSP in "Read-only" mode
  8. Using the preferred serving frequency setting on a "by ministry" basis
  9. Cleaning up "Can't serve dates"
  10. Using and filtering the Comments field
  11. Increase accountability through tracking attendance
  12. Customizing the "Quick view" in the Ministers pane
  13. Password Protect MSP
  14. Quickly find a minister in a list by typing his or her name
  15. Entering multiple email addresses for one volunteer
  16. Plan ahead by easily managing service times
  17. Copying and pasting text within MSP
  18. Uncover scheduling conflicts before finalizing the schedule
  19. Personalizing schedules and rosters
  20. Making sure one parent or family member is not scheduled when another one is scheduled
  21. Using the Ministry Distribution Report to ensure a fair distribution of services
  22. Avoid conflicts by disabling profile request forms while scheduling
  23. Allow some families to be split up in ministries that are marked to have families always scheduled together
  24. Help fellow schedulers by sharing MSP with other churches
  25. Embedding links when using the Emailer or Web Terminal
  26. Exporting separate schedules for each ministry
  27. Rearranging the order in which ministries appear on schedules
  28. How can I turn on automatic email reminders?
  29. How can I post Live schedules to my church's website for everyone to see?
  30. Sending an email to only those ministers scheduled at a specific service
  31. Personalizing the Web Terminal with your church's emblem
  32. How can I re-send sub request emails?
  33. Removing a single position from a service on a schedule or schedule skeleton
  34. Get more people to take advantage of online scheduling with a video tutorial
  35. How to tell if a volunteer has been flagged to be scheduled more often than others
  36. Exporting a list of your preassignments
  37. Save your export settings when printing or posting schedules
  38. Reviewing how MSP schedules yearly services
  39. New Interactive Calendar View
  40. Easily schedule your upcoming Holiday events using VSP For Events
  41. Easily add a new recurring service time to an existing schedule
  42. How can I access all of the past MSP scheduling tips?
  43. How can I delete old Full Schedule posts and Roster posts from the Web Terminal?
  44. What is the difference between a Live schedule and a Live Schedule Post?
  45. Easily email individual volunteers from your default email client
  46. Get personalized help setting up the Web Terminal for your church
  47. Easily schedule your church's choir with MSP
  48. Help volunteers connect to the Web Terminal by placing a banner on your website
  49. Easily move an entire service to a different day
  50. Send text message reminders to volunteers that specifically request to receive them
  51. Send us your inspirational story and win $600 for your church or an iPad 2!
  52. Change the word "Volunteer" to a term that better fits your church
  53. Accommodate specific schedule requests for future schedules prior to generating a schedule skeleton
  54. How do I remove or uninstall MSP when a computer crashes or people change positions?
  55. Easily integrate MSP with your church's website
  56. Print sign-in sheets for your services to help track attendance
  57. Using the "Fill positions" mode on schedules to easily place volunteers in open positions
  58. Preventing family members from being scheduled at the same service time
  59. Allow multiple people to run MSP at the same time
  60. How can I only show schedules to ministry members in the Full Schedules tab?
  61. How do I export web forms for archiving purposes?
  62. Save MSP emails for future use
  63. Exclude certain volunteers' information from rosters and schedules
  64. A special guide for scheduling holiday and special services
  65. Edit a large group of volunteers at the same time
  66. Include phone numbers on schedules to foster communication among scheduled volunteers
  67. Remind volunteers who have not logged in to the Web Terminal
  68. Export any combination of information from MSP using the Rosterizer
  69. Get new volunteers involved in ministry with MSP Enrollment forms
  70. Automatically send emails about open positions in the coming week
  71. Focus on a particular ministry when viewing the schedule
  72. Designate Ministry Leaders to stay powerfully connected to volunteers in their ministry
  73. Display just future dates on Live Schedule Posts online
  74. Use the Scheduling Roadmap for guidance on every step of the scheduling cycle
  75. Easily replicate your Live Schedule Posts for a new schedule
  76. Use MSP's preconfigured email template to easily request updates to volunteers' availability before the next scheduling cycle
  77. Use the new liturgy and worship planning features to give volunteers easy access to all the resources they need when serving
  78. Easily adjust the number of volunteers or ministries needed on an existing schedule
  79. Keep assignments in particular ministries private
  80. Edit schedules, track attendance and add new positions using the Web Terminal
  81. Request a sub on behalf of volunteers from inside of MSP!
  82. Special services
  83. Print emails that can then be mailed to volunteers without internet access
  84. Manage Your Ministries from Anywhere
  85. Remove weekly services from Holy Days
  86. Point volunteers to resources related to their scheduled services
  87. Quickly view and update the "From" address when using the Emailer
  88. Manage your volunteers' automatic email settings from their profiles
  89. Remember to save the schedule skeleton
  90. Accommodating changes in service times for summer schedules
  91. Access hundreds of searchable FAQ's about MSP!
  92. How to delete a service from a schedule
  93. Update the "From address" used for automatic emails
  94. Auto-schedule just particular ministries and service times
  95. Add a "Can't Serve Time" to an entire family at once
  96. Remove an empty position from a schedule
  97. Save MSP roster settings
  98. Volunteers lose their login info? Send it to them easily!
  99. Transfer MSP to a new scheduler
  100. Watch past webinars at your convenience
  101. Create ministry folders to stay organized
  102. View and manage your MSP installations online!
  103. Keep Ministry Leaders in the loop
  104. Send sub requests to more volunteers to get positions filled
  105. Holiday scheduling tips, tricks and help!
  106. Quickly check a volunteer's Family Grouping settings
  107. Access the MSP video tutorial library
  108. Adding special services for Holy Week and Easter
  109. Make it easy for volunteers to access important resources online
  110. Personalize automatic emails sent through MSP
  111. View the Web Terminal from a volunteer's perspective
  112. Share the new MSP App with volunteers
  113. Undo the auto-scheduler
  114. Change when automatic text reminders are sent
  115. How to track background checks and training dates
  116. A guide to color-coding on the schedule
  117. Allow Ministry Leaders to work on a schedule before it is Live
  118. Make the text inside MSP larger so it's easier to read!
  119. Copy and paste services from one day to another
  120. Save notes that volunteers submit online
  121. Automatically post new schedules on your church website
  122. A guide to MSP's scheduling icons
  123. A guide to MSP's scheduling icons - Flags
  124. Creating separate schedule views for each ministry
  125. When to set a volunteer as "Sub only"
  126. Share the printable Web Terminal Guide with your volunteers
  127. Find and send your Organization ID to your volunteers
  128. Limit sub request emails sent to volunteers
  129. Easily email just Ministry Leaders
  130. Reset volunteer passwords as an administrator
  131. Turn off Swap Request emails for specific volunteers
  132. Ensure volunteers get scheduled at their preferred services
  133. Allow volunteers to be scheduled in two ministries at the same service
  134. Filter and sort your volunteers
  135. Emailing new volunteers to introduce them to MSP
  136. Notify others about important Web Forms
  137. Preview changes in your Web Terminal without opening a web browser