Use the new liturgy and worship planning features to give volunteers easy access to all the resources they need when serving
You can upload resources for your services and even plan out, item by item, the flow of each service. From readings and commentary to lesson plans and chord sheets, the new features are allowing all different types of ministries to compile their resources in one convenient location. By putting important ministry resources online and appointing Ministry Leaders access to update those materials, you make it easy for staff to plan while also providing volunteers with all the information they need in one convenient location. Volunteers can also ask questions and leave comments online, helping build a sense of community and strengthening bonds among volunteers.
Step by step: Upload resources and plan a service
  1. Open your current Live schedule inside MSP.
  2. Click on the date and service you wish to edit the plan for.
  3. Click the Edit Plan button.
  4. Add Resources, Notes, and Sequence Items for your volunteers to access online.
  5. Volunteers can click on the service in emails to see the items you have added to it.
For more information on creating and editing service plans, please view this video tutorial.