Print emails that can then be mailed to volunteers without internet access
Using MSP's Emailer, you can print emails for volunteers without internet access, which ensures all of your volunteers stay informed. The tokens in the email body will be filled in when the email is printed - making it easy to generate and mail personalized letters to volunteers without email.
Step by step: Printing emails through MSP's Emailer
  1. Start in the Emailer pane in MSP. To load a preconfigured template to send to the volunteers, click on the "Settings..." button at the top of the window, mouse over the "Preconfigured templates..." and select the email you are going to send, for example the "Schedule finalized" email. Make any edits.
  2. Click the "Preview" button at the top of the Emailer to set the tokens for the email, then click on a volunteer's name to see what the email will look like when it is printed.
  3. Click the "Print" button at the top and choose to "Print for only volunteers without internet access." MSP will then print one copy of the letter for each individual that does not have an email address listed in MSP.

BONUS: Use the Mailing Labels pane inside of MSP to generate mailing labels just for volunteers without Internet access to pair with the letter and voila! An envelope and a stamp and the letter is ready to go.