Manage Your Ministries from Anywhere
Ministry Leaders can go online from anywhere to edit schedules, track attendance, send mass emails, request subs and edit service plans. Best of all, this functionality will work on a tablet or smartphone!
Step by step: Manage your ministries from anywhere
  1. Set up yourself and any other schedulers as Ministry Leaders.
  2. From the Emailer pane in MSP, click on the "Settings" button at the top, navigate down to "Preconfigured Templates," and use the "Send lost login information" template - this is an easy way to email yourself or others their login credentials. Set the "Send to" to "Only these volunteers" to send to yourself and/or other Ministry Leaders.
  3. Check your email on your smartphone or tablet and click the Web Terminal URL to open the login screen on your browser. For iPhone or iPad users, click the arrow icon at the bottom of the page to "pin to home screen," and for Android users save the page as a bookmark to then "add to Home."
  4. In the future, use these icons as an App to easily login and edit schedules online. You can also view the video tutorial on using the Web Terminal as a Ministry Leader.
  5. If you haven't already, you can additionally download the MSP mobile app on iOS or Android devices. Log in using your church's Organization ID and your Web Terminal username and password. As a ministry leader, you will now see a Full Schedule tab in your app, allowing you to always know who is serving when, no matter where you are!