Quickly view and update the "From" address when using the Emailer
When previewing an email in MSP, the "From" address will appear at the top of the preview window. Toggling between recently used email addresses and verifying the correct "From" address will streamline communication with your volunteers by ensuring replies go to the correct person.
Step by step: Quickly see and change the "From" address when sending emails
  1. Once you have setup your email in the Emailer pane in MSP, click on the "Preview" button at the top of the window to set the token options and see the list of volunteers who will receive the email.
  2. Click on a volunteer's name to preview the email for them; above the email body, the Preview pane will indicate which "From" address will be used.
  3. To change the address, close the Preview list of volunteers names, and click the "From" Address button at the top of the Emailer. From here you can enter the appropriate address, or use the "Recent Addresses" option to see and choose from recently used email addresses.