Accommodating changes in service times for summer schedules
Do your church's services change slightly over the summer? Many churches adjust their services this time of year - be it the number of services they have, or simply the times at which their services occur. Easily accommodate changes to your summer services by setting up separate service times just for those months when they are needed.
Step by step: Accommodating changes for summer schedules
  1. Begin in the Service Times pane in MSP and create "New Services" to represent any different service times you will need for the summer.
  2. Before you run your next schedule, deactivate the services you do not need by selecting the service, clicking the "Edit Service" button, and checking the "Make this service inactive" check box. NOTE: Only active services appear on new schedules you create, so deactivate those you don't need for the next scheduling period.
  3. Add the summer service times to volunteers' profiles (e.g. If you change from an 8:30 AM service on Sunday to 9 AM, then we need to add the 9 AM service preference to the profiles of the regular 8:30 AM volunteers, so they are placed at that summer service by the auto-scheduler.

    1. Go to the Volunteers pane and in the lower right side of the pane under "List Options", check the "Other filter specify..." box.
    2. In the filter window, identify all of your regular, 8:30 AM volunteers by selecting the "Service preferences" filter from the left side. Click the "Add..." button and select the 8:30 AM Sunday service time. Click OK.
    3. The Volunteers pane should now be showing you only those volunteers who list the regular service time, in our example 8:30 AM, as a preference. You can mass edit these volunteers by selecting the first name in the list, holding down the Shift key on your keyboard, and selecting the last name.
    4. When everyone is highlighted, click the "Edit Volunteer" button, and qualify these volunteers for the corresponding summer service, in this example it would be Sunday, 9 AM. Repeat as needed. Volunteers will then have preferences for regular services and summer services.
    NOTE: You can also send an email and ask your volunteers to add the summer services they wish to serve at to their profiles using the Web Terminal!