Share the new MSP App with volunteers
Did you hear the great news? MSP now has a mobile app that enables volunteers to stay involved, even with a busy schedule. Volunteers can view their schedules, request and accept subs, and update their profiles on-the-go! Let your volunteers know about this new feature by following the steps below.
Step by step: Share the new MSP App with volunteers

A built-in email template makes it easy to help your volunteers get started with the app:

  1. From the Emailer pane in MSP, click the "Settings..." button at the top, drop down to "Preconfigured templates" and select the "Mobile app available" template. This email contains the Organization ID, Username, and Password for each volunteer.
  2. Select "Send to all volunteers," click the "Send" button, and choose "Send as email."
  3. If a volunteer calls and asks for it, you can also look up your church's Organization ID by going to the Licensing pane - it is the same as the Church Web Identifier.