Use the Web Terminal to find volunteers for special events
Through the Web Terminal, volunteers can sign themselves up for specific events such as special services or Holy Days online on a first-come-first-serve basis! Volunteers can easily see all the needed positions and click on one of the positions to fill that slot.

If you turn on automatic processing, as soon as they submit their request to fill the slot, they are placed in the schedule and their name is shown in the position so other volunteers know the slot has been filled. Online sign up eliminates the emails and phone calls involved in filling special events as well as the need to verify preferences and availability beforehand.
Step by step: Use the Web Terminal to find volunteers for special events
  1. Open or create a schedule or schedule skeleton and click on the day of the event in the calendar view. If the event you will be posting to the Web Terminal is a yearly service already created in the Service Times Pane, the service will appear. In this case, click on to select it, and then click the "Edit Service" button in the upper left hand side of the schedule window. Otherwise, if you need to build a new special service, click "New Service" and specify the number of volunteers you need from each ministry.
  2. In the Edit Service window, the button that says "Schedule Specific Ministers." When you click this, the window will change a bit, and below the white box at the bottom of the dialog is a new option: "Leave this service unfilled." Make sure to check this box.
  3. You can now Commence Scheduling and this service will be left unfilled even after the scheduling process is complete.
  4. Follow the normal procedure to post a schedule to the Web Terminal (visit our Online Knowledge Base and search for the keywords "Web Terminal" to find instructions on how to do this.)
  5. When posting the schedule to the Web Terminal, in the "Save Live Schedule post" dialog, under Layout Settings, be sure to check the box that says "Include links so ministers can volunteer via the Web Terminal."

    Now when ministers view the full schedule in the Web Terminal, they'll see the special service with the positions that need to be filled. They can click on one of the positions to submit a request to be scheduled in that position. The request will then be shown in the Web Forms pane inside MSP. If automatic processing is on, as soon as the minister submits the request the assignment will be made and all schedules will be updated, both those inside MSP and those in the Web Terminal. If automatic processing is NOT on, you'll have the opportunity to review each request before any assignments are made.

    BONUS: You can also display a list of positions that need to be filled directly in one of the tabs of the Web Terminal, as well in emails sent through the Emailer. Just place the {{UnfilledPositions}} token in the Web Terminal or in your email. Make sure to look at the options for the {{UnfilledPositions}} token, because using those options you can control exactly what unfilled positions you want to include in the list, as well whether or not the list has links that allow ministers to sign up for the positions.