Copy and paste services from one day to another
Have a service that is needed at random intervals throughout a time period? Create the service time and then save time by copying and pasting it on other dates. This works great for weddings, funerals and special Masses.
Step by step: Copying and pasting services on the open schedule
  1. Open the schedule you are working on (or create your new schedule)
  2. Click on the first date when the instance of this service time is needed, and use the "New Service" button in the upper left side of the schedule window to build the first instance of this service.
  3. Once the service appears on the schedule, click on the date and time of the service so the entire service is highlighted, then click on the "Edit" menu at the very top of the window and select "Copy."
  4. From the calendars on the left, click on the next date where this service will be needed, then click on the "Edit" menu and select "Paste" and the service should appear on this date as well.
  5. Repeat as needed!