Ensure volunteers get scheduled at their preferred services
Make sure a volunteer is scheduled for only the service preferences listed in their profile by marking one specific setting within that volunteer's profile.
Step-by-step: Only schedule my volunteer(s) for the services they prefer
  1. Go to your Volunteers pane
  2. To edit one volunteer, just click to highlight their name in the list. You can optionally select multiple volunteers by clicking on a volunteer and then holding down the Ctrl/Command key to pick and choose others from the list. To edit all of your volunteers at once, click on the first name in the list, scroll to the end of the list, hold the Shift key on your keyboard, and click the last name in the list - all names should now be highlighted. In addition to these options, you can use the List Options section in the bottom right of the Volunteers pane to filter your volunteer list in various ways.
  3. Once you have the appropriate volunteer(s) selected, click the "Edit Volunteer" button.
  4. Right above the "Services preferences" box, check mark the "Schedule only at these times" box. NOTE: If you are editing the profile of an individual volunteer and they do not have any service preferences listed, you will need to add at least one preference in order to check mark this box.