Allow some families to be split up in ministries that are marked to have families always scheduled together

Sometimes a situation may arise where members of a certain family don't necessarily want to be scheduled together within a ministry - even though most families do. You can override the ministry option on a per-family basis to accommodate everyone's scheduling requests. This is helpful for large families and families whose members serve in multiple ministries.

Step by step: Overriding the "Never split up family members in this ministry" option on a per-family basis
  1. Start in the Family Groupings pane.
  2. Edit the family that would like the exception to the rule.
  3. On the right side of the "Edit Family Grouping" dialog, check the option that reads: "Allow members of this family to be split up in ministries which families are flagged to always be scheduled together."
  4. Click OK for this family to save the changes.