Sending an email to only those ministers scheduled at a specific service
Emailing volunteers scheduled at certain services has many uses, for example, when sending instructions for special services or when alerting volunteers to a change in service times. Using the tokens inside the MSP Emailer, we'll show you how this can be done quickly and easily.
Step by step: Sending emails to only those scheduled at a specific service
  1. Begin in the MSP Emailer. Set the "Send to" to All Ministers.
  2. In the text area, type out the email you wish to send. Insert the Scheduled Services token by clicking on the Token menu, going to the Assigned Positions section of the drop down menu, and select Scheduled Services.
  3. In the Token Options dialog that will open, configure the date range you wish to address, for example "Include scheduled services in the next 1 week only."
  4. Check the option that says "Include only these services." Click in the box that appears after the text, and select the service time you wish to address, for example, Saturday, 5 PM.
  5. Check the option that says "Completely exclude ministers from this email who are not scheduled for any position that matches the given criteria."
  6. Click OK in the Token Options screen.
  7. Hit the "Send" button.