Using filters to group volunteers matching certain criteria
MSP's high-powered filters are great for isolating certain volunteers based on specific criteria. By using filters, it makes it easier to communicate, schedule, group and edit volunteers that meet certain criteria. The filters can be used in most functions of MSP. For example, using the filters you can send an email to only volunteers that are scheduled Easter Sunday at the 2:00 PM service.
Step by step: Sending an email to ministers scheduled at a specific service
  1. Make sure the schedule with the Easter service on it is open, or is saved as a Shared schedule and is Live (for help on how to make a shared schedule live, click here)
  2. From the Emailer pane in MSP, check the selection that says Send to: "All Ministers"
  3. Check the box below that option that says "moreover, send to only ministers passing this filter"
  4. In the filter dialog that appears, check the box to the left near the bottom that says has text in blue reading "Build a schedule or attendance related filter."
  5. Select the first option in the new window that says "In the schedule that is open (or the relevant Live schedule)" and then under that, specify the date of the service, April 12th, and then under that option, from the drop down menu choose the 2:00 PM service.
  6. Click "OK", and then "OK" again in the main filter window to apply the filter.
You have now activated that filter, and the email will only go to those ministers scheduled at the 2:00 PM service on Easter Sunday. As an extra tip - you can check the box at the bottom of the Filter dialog that says, "Filter by the inverse of this criteria." In our example above, everyone who was not scheduled for that service would then receive the email.