Reviewing how MSP schedules yearly services
You can customize how MSP schedules yearly services (Holy Days and one-time services), which will save you time and ensure your volunteers get scheduled correctly. You can even tell MSP to treat a yearly service as a weekly service, which facilitates placing volunteers at their preferred times.
Step by step: Reviewing how MSP schedules yearly services
  1. Open any schedule or skeleton. From the Schedule menu at the top of the window select "Scheduler Settings." The last two options in this dialog determine how the program will schedule volunteers for your yearly services. By default, any volunteer may be scheduled for your yearly services, regardless of their services preferences. However, you can change this setting so that only volunteers who have the yearly services as a preference are scheduled for the service.

Additionally, you can open a schedule or skeleton and specify that certain yearly services are filled with volunteers who all prefer to serve at a specific service time.

  1. On the schedule skeleton that covers the date range of any yearly services, select the date a yearly service occurs.
  2. Select the service and click the "Edit Service" button.
  3. Locate the "Treat As" section in the Edit Service dialog. You can us the drop-down menu to specify that MSP treat this service as another weekly or monthly service when assigning volunteers. For example, choose the Sunday 10:00 am services if you would like all of the volunteers who prefer to serve at 10:00 AM on Sundays to serve at this yearly service.