What is the difference between a Live schedule and a Live Schedule Post?

When a schedule is "live", information from that schedule is displayed in the Web Terminal and used in emails and tokens, such as the {{ScheduledServices}} or {{UnfilledPositions}} token. Volunteers can see their scheduled services on the My Schedule tab of the Web Terminal and request subs for any services they have in live schedules.

A Live Schedule Post is created from a live schedule. You can think of it as an "Exported Schedule" that appears in the Web Terminal. When you export a schedule to MS Word or another program, you can choose from a variety of different layouts, such as tabular or list layouts, and you can choose which ministries and services are included in the exported schedule. In the same way, when you create a Live Schedule Post, you are creating a "view" of the live schedule that can have a variety of different layouts. In fact, many of the layouts are the same as those that are available for an exported schedule. Just like exported schedules, you can create multiple Live Schedule Posts for one live schedule. For example, you can create a separate Live Schedule Post for each ministry in a live schedule, and list them all in the Web Terminal.

Step by step: Making a schedule Live and creating Live Schedule Post(s)

(Note: These steps assume you are using the Online Edition of MSP and have set up your shared database. Contact us if you need help upgrading or sharing your database.)

  1. The first time you save a schedule, you will be asked if you'd like to make it live. If you choose to do so,in addition to the schedule being made live, a Live Schedule Post is automatically created for you. You can edit the layout and options for the Live Schedule Post by checking the box that says "Customize the layout and other options for this live schedule now." If you do not check this box, the live schedule post will be in the default tabular layout.
  2. To create an additional Live Schedule Post from a live schedule, choose "Create an additional Live schedule post" from the File menu of an open live schedule.

To see a list of all your Live Schedule Posts, click on the Web Terminal pane on the left hand side of MSP's main screen, and then click on the "Full Schedules" tab. From this tab you'll be able to view your Live Schedule Posts online, create additional posts, and delete old posts you no longer need.