How can I only show schedules to ministry members in the Full Schedules tab?
Whether for privacy or convenience - or both - you can easily limit schedules posted online so volunteers see only their ministry schedules. This is particularly helpful if you're scheduling multiple ministries and want to make it easy for your volunteers to quickly access relevant schedules when on the Full Schedules tab, but you don't want them to see schedules for ministries to which they do not belong.
Step by step: Make a live schedule post visible to only volunteers in the related ministry
  1. Create a live schedule post by opening a Live schedule inside of MSP, clicking on the File menu and select "Create an additional live schedule post."
  2. In the "Online layout and options" window, click on the Included Ministries pane on the left, and select the ministry you would like to create a schedule for, for example Altar Servers.
  3. Check the box at the bottom of the Included Ministries pane that says, "Only show this schedule to volunteers in the included ministries." Now this schedule will only be visible to other Altar Servers when they view the Full Schedules tab.

Tip: There is also a similar setting available for Live Roster Posts.