Save MSP emails for future use
You can save emails sent using MSP for future use. For example, you can save a template email that prompts volunteers to submit their unavailable dates before the next schedule. Saving email templates will save time and help you more efficiently communicate with your volunteers.
Step by step: Saving an email template in MSP
  1. In the Emailer pane, compose an email. Remember that all tokens used will be saved also.
  2. Click on the "Settings..." button in the upper right side of the Emailer pane and select "Save these settings."
  3. MSP will ask you to store this local file on your computer. It is recommended you create a folder on your machine called "MSP Emails" or something similar to easily find these templates in the future. Save your email here with a unique name.
  4. To use a template in the future, go to the Emailer pane, click the "Settings..." button in the upper right hand corner and select "Load saved settings." MSP will open the folders on your computer and you can then navigate to your MSP Emails folder. Select the appropriate file and open it. The email will then open in the Emailer pane.