Export any combination of information from MSP using the Rosterizer
You can build customized reports using any and all data tracked inside of MSP. Being able to view custom data outside of MSP in a concise and easy to read format makes for easier reporting and helps better manage your ministry. For example, create a report that contains volunteers' Web Terminal usernames and passwords, or the last date their record was modified.
Step by step: Accessing all fields in the Rosterizer
  1. Start in the Rosterizer pane inside of MSP. Configure your "Included Volunteers" section to specify which volunteers should be included on the roster.
  2. Click on the "Included Fields" section at the top below the Rosterizer heading. Under the "Available Fields" column, un-check the box that says "Show common fields only." You will now have access to all fields inside of MSP, and can generate rosters with any information tracked for volunteers inside of the program.