Get new volunteers involved in ministry with MSP Enrollment forms
You can save time and make it easier for new people to get involved in ministry with online enrollment forms that can be posted on your church's website! MSP administrators can customize the enrollment forms and have control over which forms get approved and when, which guarantees volunteers go through the necessary procedures before being placed on the schedule. Using enrollment forms makes it easy to engage new volunteers and gather their data in one place.
Step by step: Configuring the enrollment forms for volunteers to sign up online
  1. Start in the Web Terminal pane inside of MSP and click on the "Web Terminal Settings..." button at the top of the Home tab.
  2. In the new window that opens, click on the Enrollments heading on the left. Check the option that says, "Allow volunteers to submit enrollment forms." Let's also check the box below that which says, "Put a 'Sign up now' link to the enrollment form on the Web Terminal login page."
  3. Use the sub-headings on the left that appear below the Enrollments heading to control the information collected on the forms. For example, click on the "Ministries" subheading, and you can check the box to "Allow volunteers to request their ministries during enrollment." You can give ministry descriptions by checking the "Show ministry descriptions" box, clicking on a ministry in the list, and giving that ministry a short description. This helps volunteers get an idea of what is required in that role during the enrollment process.
    Note: When processing Enrollment forms, you as the administrator will have the ability to remove any ministries the volunteer may not be suited for.
  4. Once you configure how the Enrollment forms should look, click on the main Enrollments heading again on the left. You will see the URL for the enrollment form online and a "Copy" button - click Copy to copy this URL. Open a new email and select "Paste" and you can send this to your webmaster to place a link to sign up right on your website.

    (Also when volunteers visit the Web Terminal home page, they will see a "Sign up now" link below the fields for Username and Password and can sign up that way as well.)