Sync Your Database

with Ministry Scheduler Pro

Ministry Scheduler Pro works with many existing church management systems (CMS) to seamlessly sync information either one- or two-ways between databases. Integrating your databases streamlines your scheduling and church operations.

What information can be synced?

These Ministry Scheduler Pro fields can be automatically updated with data from your CMS.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Title
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Cell
  • Address
  • Ministries

Syncing these important fields between your databases means you will always have the most up-to-date information in both places.

How does the sync work?

There are two types of integrations that allow you to sync your CMS database with Ministry Scheduler Pro, one-way and two-way.

One-Way Integration

One-way integration pulls data from your CMS into Ministry Scheduler Pro. As you change information inside your CMS, re-run the connector to bring those changes over to MSP. This keeps ministries, volunteers, and contact information up-to-date.

Ministry Scheduler Pro supports a one-way connection with the following products:

  • Parish Data Systems (PDS)
  • ParishSOFT
  • PowerChurch
  • Schedule Maker 6.x
  • Access ACS
  • ACS People
  • Church Management Solutions (CMS)
  • ZLC Ministry Schedule
  • Harmony Media Schedule Maker
  • LabOra
  • Logos
  • LTP Schedule Maker 7.x

With the exception of Access ACS, Ministry Scheduler Pro is unable to support one-way integration with versions of databases that are cloud-based or maintained remotely by the management software provider.

Two-Way Integration

Two-way integration keeps volunteer information up-to-date in real time across both your CMS and Ministry Scheduler Pro. When volunteer information is changed in either program, it’s automatically updated in the other.

Ministry Scheduler Pro supports two-way integration with the following products:

  • Gabriel Software
  • Ministry Platform
  • Servant Keeper 6 and 7 (desktop versions)
  • Servant Keeper 8 (desktop and cloud)

Don’t see your CMS listed?

Get in touch so we can get your CMS integrated!

Integration FAQs

What are the benefits of integrating my CMS with Ministry Scheduler Pro?
Integrating your CMS with Ministry Scheduler Pro streamlines your scheduling, database maintenance, and church operations. As you add new ministries or volunteers or update existing volunteer information, the connection makes those updates to Ministry Scheduler Pro, saving you valuable time and ensuring accurate schedules.
How does an integration work for new and existing volunteers?
  1. Ministry Scheduler Pro scans for existing volunteers and matches them by first and last name in order to update any new or changed volunteer information.
  2. Ministry Scheduler Pro adds any new volunteers.
  3. In order to match volunteer profiles in your CMS and Ministry Scheduler Pro, Ministry Scheduler Pro links the entries in both systems to an external ID number. This allows Ministry Scheduler Pro to continue to match those two profiles moving forward, even through name changes, to keep information current.
How do I set up an integration if I don’t have a CMS listed above?
Contact your CMS to request they integrate with our API.
I’m a developer looking to set up a two-way integration, how can I get in touch?
Contact to speak with an expert member of our team and get more information about our API!