Ministry Scheduler Pro
As you know, coordinating ministries at a large church is no easy feat. More volunteers mean more people to coordinate, more special requests, and lots of emails and phone calls.
Ministry Scheduler Pro is here to help.

We create tools that empower leaders to schedule, connect, and grow their ministries. And with our new Large Church Program, it’s easier than ever to address your church’s specific scheduling challenges.
MSP's Large Church Program includes:
  • A one-hour one-on-one set up call.
  • Strategic check-ins at Christmas and Easter.
  • Access to webinars with other large churches.
You'll never feel alone with your scheduling challenges.
If you purchase an MSP license for 500 volunteers or more, you are automatically enrolled in the Large Church Program at no extra cost.
All MSP licenses come with a six-month money-back guarantee.
Contact us to get a price quote, purchase a license, or speak to a church we serve near you.
(888) 622-0949