MSP 8.1
Always With You

MSP 8.1 introduces mobile and web-based scheduling, letting you manage volunteers and schedules from the MSP App or any web-enabled device. This is the first in a series of updates that will bring more of MSP’s functionality to the web! Keep reading for other exciting updates.

Mobile and Web-Based Scheduling

Web Admins are a new type of administrator that have web-based access to Ministry Scheduler Pro. The interface has been designed from the ground up to work on any device, giving you the flexibility to work from a laptop, tablet, or phone.

Web Admin: Volunteers

Web Admins can now access the database of volunteers online. Viewing and updating volunteer profiles has never been easier!

Web Admin: Schedules

Web Admins can see the list of schedules, add or edit services, and assign volunteers, right from their browser!

Web Admin: Announcements

Use MSP’s powerful communication features right from the web! Send announcements, view open rates, and check poll and RSVP responses from any browser.

Smartphone showing the Admin View Volunteers page Tablet showing the Admin View Schedules page Smartphone showing the Admin View Announcements page
Screenshot of the Import volunteers dialog, showing the Custom fields options

Import Custom Fields

Do you use custom fields to track volunteer information, like background checks, birthdays, or emergency contact info? It’s now easier than ever to add or update this information for multiple people at once using the web-based import.

Screenshot of the Edit repeating assignment dialog

Web-Based Repeating Assignments

Do you have volunteers that serve on a regular, repeating rotation? Now both Leaders and Web Admins can manage these Preassignments online or through the MSP App.

See Mobile Scheduling in Action!

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You asked, we listened!

More requested features included in this release…

Filter Recipients from Polls or RSVPs

Follow up with volunteers based on their poll response or event RSVP status, including those who have not responded at all.

Export Feedback

Easily export or print all of the responses you receive from a poll or RSVP, for quick reporting or documentation.

Improved Resources Interface

Drag and drop uploaded resources into an order that is most useful for your volunteers.

Mobile Friendly Enrollment Forms

Enrollment forms have been redesigned to look great on any device, making them quicker for volunteers to fill out.


How do I set up a new Web Admin?

Web Admins must first be added as a volunteer, then they can be given Web Admin privileges from the Web Terminal Settings. Get step-by-step instructions on how to set a volunteer as a Web Admin.

How do Web Admins access MSP?

Web Admins can access MSP’s Admin view through the MSP Mobile App or when they log in to the Web Terminal. They can navigate between the Volunteer, Schedule, and Announcements pane.

What is the difference between a Web Admin and a Leader?

Web Admins have access to all volunteers, ministries, and services. Leaders can be given access to only the volunteers, ministries, and services in their area of responsibility. As we continue to transition more MSP functionality to the web, Web Admins will have greater access to other areas of the program, too. Click here for a list of the current differences between Web Admins and Leaders.

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