To begin creating a service plan for a service as an MSP administrator, open your live schedule from the Schedules pane inside of MSP. From the open schedule, click on a date and then the service you would like to begin editing the plan for, and then click the “Edit Plan” button at the top of the schedule window. This will open your web browser and take you to the edit service plan screen for that service.


You can upload resources using the “Add…” button. These resources will be available to all volunteers. You can upload:

  • Songs (mp3 files, chord sheets, lyrics, etc).
  • Readings (PDF, Word, or other document types)
  • Videos
  • Power Point presentations
  • Any other document or resource your volunteers will need

When uploading media files using the “Add new media…” option, you can optionally choose to attach a particular resource to every single service. After a resource has been uploaded, it will be stored in the resource library for future use. The resource library can also be accessed by clicking on the “Add…” button, making it easy to re-use resources as needed.

USCCB Readings for Catholics

If you are a Catholic church, you can modify the automatic attachment of USCCB readings and audio for all services at once by clicking “Automatically attach…” under the Resources box. This will allow you to toggle the reading and audio guide on or off, and make them available only to particular ministries.


By clicking the “Add note…” button you can add notes that your volunteers will see when they view the service plan. You can optionally limit the visibility of the note to members of a particular ministry. This can be especially handy for letting volunteers know about any special requirements or information related to the service. For example, you can post a note just for Ushers letting them know that a particular door will be closed for the duration of that weekend’s services.

Service Sequence

You can also choose to build a sequence for your service, which is essentially the order of events for your service. Using the “Add sequence item…” button, add all of the things that will take place during the service. For example, you can create items for welcome message, introductory song, first reading, second reading, announcements, processional song, etc. You can optionally attach resources right to items by clicking “Add resource.” To re-order the items in the sequence, just drag and drop them. You can also add headers to further organize the items in the sequence.

Note that you can “bind related services to this weekend” using the checkbox above the Sequence and above the Resources box to make the information available on the plans of related services (i.e. services with the same description) on the same weekend.

You can save an entire sequence as a template to easily access and apply to other services by clicking the “Templates” heading in the upper right side of the Sequences area on service plans. You can choose to save the current sequence as a template, make the sequence the default template for all services, or, if you are beginning to work on a new service, open the template library to access previously-saved templates.


You can also write comments as the administrator on this page. Comments can be seen by anyone who is scheduled at that service, and volunteers can also post comments in reply. Any volunteer who posts a comment will receive email notifications about further comments on that date, and the administrator will also receive email notifications of all comments.