sample view of a service plan

The service plan is a zoomed in view of a particular service on the Web Terminal. In addition to showing all of the volunteers scheduled for the particular service, service plans allow you to upload resources related to the service, post notes for volunteers, and even create an item by item plan for your service. Administrators of MSP (anyone with a licensed copy of the program on their computer) and Ministry Leaders can edit and add to the service plans online. Volunteers will automatically be brought to a service’s plan when they request subs, accept subs, or sign up for new positions. They will also be able to click on the date and time links for services in email reminders and the My Schedule tab to get to the service plan for a given service.

For Catholic churches using MSP, readings and audio versions of the readings from the USCCB website and the Sunday Prayer for Catholics will be automatically attached to each service. (As the administrator or Ministry Leader you are able to turn these off, or make them available to just particular ministries if needed.)

A video tutorial for this topic is also available.