Scheduling Software: What’s in it for me?

Getting all the important stakeholders on board with any change is tough. But by explaining how each person stands to gain by using ministry scheduling software, you can minimize resistance and use technology to improve the way your church does ministry.
Ministry schedulers
You’ll save hours of time when you ditch the post-it notes, Excel spreadsheets, phone calls, and data entry for one streamlined system, and you’ll know at a glance if you have enough volunteers to fill an upcoming schedule! Coordinating with other ministries becomes a cinch, and frustrating conflicts that cause stress and volunteer burnout will be a thing of the past. No more running down the aisles on Sundays looking for last-minute replacements. Volunteers take ownership with online access to update away dates and become more accountable with automatic email and text message reminders.
Refocus your staff’s attention on ministry and help more people share their gifts and talents. MSP takes care of the tedious task of tracking and accommodating volunteers’ requests – helping people move from just attending to actually serving at church. No shows go down and volunteer accountability increases with automatic email reminders and online sub requests. And MSP gives you one database that key leaders can access, centralizing information and minimizing scheduling conflicts. You’ll see how coordinated ministry schedules make for a better worship experience for everyone.
Business managers
Time is money, and when staff members can task a software program with putting together a schedule that would take them hours to do by hand, their time can be put to better use. Making schedules available online saves money that would have been spent on postage and paper – not to mention the hours of labor actually spent creating the schedule! Plus, MSP makes it easy for new people to get involved and a growing volunteer base means more actively engaged members of the church, which never hurts the bottom line.
If you’re afraid of committing, relax. Online access to your schedule and preferences makes it easier than ever to stay involved at your pace. If you’re going on vacation or need to change service times, just enter your dates online. When the unexpected comes up, instead of calling a long list of contacts to find a sub, you can easily submit your request from your smartphone, or fill in for someone who can’t make it. And if you have family that serves, MSP makes sure you’re not coming to different services on the same weekend. Now you can share your talents and keep control of your time.
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